Top-performance in a timed event comes down to top-speed. To achieve your fastest time, you must be both powerful & aerodynamic.

racing on the UCI World Cup Circuit & medaling multiple times at TT National Champs is the knowledge Dan Harm implements into the art of aerodynamic bike fits.

Optimal Enthusiast Fit:

Comfort & Adventuring everyday

For the Human Body, bike racing is a complex & rigorous action involving balance, skill, & heightened awareness.

Dan Harm’s 7-years racing Internationally at an elite & Professional level has been the backbone for the 100+ bike fits he’s conducted during his bike fitting career.

Harm Coaching is proud to be partnered with the Seattle Bouldering Project as the official Headquarters for H.C. Optimal Bike Fits.

Optimal Bike Fitting

Searching for Symmetry:

    Every body is unique, and all cyclists use their bikes for different Purposes:






    -Community Building

    -Saving the world

    -the list is endless

HARM Coaching Optimal bike Fits are a holistic Philosophy.

   The goal of every H.C. Optimal bike fit is to position your body in the best symmetry possible for your bike and your Style of riding.

-Dan Harm

A bike fit will benefit all cyclists, including you: the commuter, the adventurer, the everyday rider who loves the freedom of riding a bicycle. An enthusiast bike fit achieves: Comfort, Efficiency, & Practicality.

Car - Less by choice, Dan Harm’s mentor is the adventure of cycling everyday.  

Optimal TT/Tri Fit:

Power, Speed, & Aerodynamics

Optimal Race Fit:

Power & Handling Performance